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Dantien Breathing & Chi Sensing

  • 7Days
  • 8Steps


Place your hands on your lower abdomen. For men, the left hand is below the navel and the right hand is on top. For women, the right hand is below the navel and the left hand is on top. The tip of your tongue should be touching the upper palate. Focus your mind on your breath. As you inhale feel the lower abdomen filling and expanding with air. As you exhale, feel the abdomen emptying and contracting. Continue watching and controlling your breath. Breathe slowly and deeply for at least 9 slow deep breaths. Learn to smile with each exhaling breath. Relax, breathe slowly & deeply, concentrate your mind, and feel the "Chi" in your dantien. Chi sensing is an energy-sensing exercise to feel and test the strength of your "Chi". In general, there are eight initial energy feelings. The beginning practitioner may experience the energy as soreness, numbness, coldness, heat, bloating, pain, tingling, and/or twitching. These sensations normally manifest locally in the body and some may expand to the whole body.

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