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What is "Chi" Meditation?

“Chi” Meditation - incorporates the movements of body, mind, and spirit. A practitioner of “Chi” Meditation will enter a present state of being, where all thoughts and attention are centered on the present moment. No other thoughts should enter the mind as this form of meditation aims to reach spiritual awareness, as well as achieve calmness, relaxation, and smooth "Chi" flow throughout the body. The techniques of Chi meditation came from "Dao Yin", a more than 5,000 years old healing practice that originated in China. There are various techniques and additional associations that make up the ways of Chi meditation, such as Qi Gong (also known as Chi Kung) and Tai Chi (also referred to as Tai Ji). The aim of this aspect of “Chi” meditation is to accomplish a state of harmony that encompasses the mind, body, and spirit.


The practice of "Chi" Meditation will bring balance to everyone. Awakening a consciousness, we call "Your Silent Master".  Your Silent Master is - the Power of “Your True Self” or "Your Higher Self". 

Benefits of Chi Meditation: 

“Chi” Meditation when practiced regularly (preferably daily) will relieve the stress and tension that disturbs your body and mind. When one accepts “Chi” Meditation into their daily life, they will benefit from this self-disciplinary training that awakens a higher state of being, a balanced state of mind, and body.

I offer the art of "Chi" Meditation - which consists of principles and techniques of Tai Chi, Chi Kung (Qigong), & Meditation. I believe it can help you find the serenity, joy, freedom, and power that you possess as an essential part of this universe. 


Become a "Chi-er", a chi meditation practitioner, and start your journey today!

The journey we are traveling is not geographical. It is the distance between our hearts and mind. Conquering that distance, we find inner peace.


- Sifu – Gary Tong