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"Chi" Meditation To Awaken "Your Silent Master"

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What is "Ch" Meditation?

“Chi” Meditation - incorporates the movements of body, mind, and spirit. A practitioner of “Chi” Meditation will enter a present state of being, where all of their thoughts and attention is centered on one thing. No other thoughts should enter the mind as this form of meditation aims to reach spiritual awareness, as well as achieve calmness, relaxation, and smooth Chi flow throughout the body. The techniques of Chi meditation came from "Dao Yin", a more than 5,000 years old healing practice that originated in China. There are various techniques and additional associations that make up the ways of Chi meditation, such as Qi Gong (also known as Chi Kung) and Tai Chi (also referred to as Tai Ji). The aim of this aspect of “Chi” meditation is to accomplish a state of harmony that encompasses the mind, body, and spirit. “Chi” Meditation is a way (Tao) to awaken a consciousness we call—” Your Silent Master”.


Benefits of Chi Meditation: 


“Chi” Meditation when practiced on a regular basis (preferably daily), the stress and tensions that disturb us are reduced or eliminated. When one accepts “Chi” Meditation into their life, they are ready to benefit from a form of exercise to help them achieve the perfect level of thought and concentration.

Sifu – Gary Tong 

Why Join our "Chi" Meditation Community?

Life and its environment are one.  Our environment is a reflection of our human life condition and is closely connected to the teachings of cause and effect, which essentially conveys that all thoughts, words, and actions create an effect in our lives and in our environment. The practice of "Chi" Meditation is to awaken and bring balance to each individual. Awakening a consciousness we call "Your Silent Master".  Your Silent Master is -  the Power of “Your True Self” or "Your Higher Self". 


The Power of the Silent Master is the power of “Right Thinking” and the difference between a limited me and an unlimited me begins with my attitude and state of mind. So, the first step in taking charge of my life is to learn to take charge of my thinking. This is done through practicing  “ Standing”, “Sitting” or “lying” Meditation, where we can become still and focus on our breath, learning to slow down and smile with our breath while looking at our thoughts. This is the 1st principle of mental conduct. Then we shall continue with moving meditation, where our body (movements), our mind (thoughts), and our breathing are in harmony. This is the way of "Tai Chi" and "Qigong" meditation.  “Mind & Body “ as one.

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